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PV Consulting project

05/24/2010 16:32
MtE+D has been hired to produce a feasibility study for a large PV system by a Montana based consulting firm.  The intent of the study is to provide the basic economic and energy parameters so that the client can make informed investment decisions concerning their energy use.  We've added...

State adopts new Energy Code

04/07/2010 21:18
On March 15, 2010, the Montana Department of Labor and Industry adopted the 2009 IECC Energy Code and a number of specific Montana Amendments to the Code.  In their ruling, DLI cited MtE+D's study and recommendations 7 times to substantiate their decisions.  The notice can be...

Recent Projects

03/19/2010 15:27
We've been working on 5 construction projects in the last six months: a bath gut & remodel, a whole-house energy retrofit, a kitchen addition and energy retrofit, a whole-house window and exterior wall insulation project and a basement water damage & bathroom remodel.  When the...

Testimony before the Legislature

12/19/2009 14:53
Jim Baerg was invited to present testimony before the Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee of the Montana State Legislature in Helena on January 14th.  He focused his remarks on the financial benefits of energy conservation to homeowners, the need to strengthen the energy code and...

Livingston Sustainability Study

08/29/2009 15:32
A number of Livingston residents are in the beginning stages of producing an energy/CO2  inventory and plan for the area.  There is a grant proposal in the works for outside consultants on planning.  Most of the work will be done by people in the community.  If you have skills...

Montana Energy Code Study

04/27/2009 21:36
MtE+D recently finished an energy code study for presentation to the Montana Department of Labor and Industry.   The study proposes 6 Montana amendments to the proposed 2009 IECC and is supported by a wide range of organizations and individuals.  A hearing on the 2009 IECC...

Energy Audit Software

03/19/2009 15:35
MtE+D began using the Energy Guage software program.  Energy Guage is one of two programs approved by the federal government for certifying houses for tax credits.  Energy Guage estimates annual energy use by inputting hourly weather data, local utility rates and the detailed...
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