We've been working in the design, energy and construction fields since the mid 1970's.  Our focus is on designing beautiful, livable and cost effective homes.  Our goal is satisfied customers and documented energy savings

This is a good time to consider an energy construction project.  Interest rates are low, and there is continued volatility of energy prices.  Carefully selected energy measures along with Energy Tax Credits often result in very good rates of return.   If you are interested in these types of opportunities, please give us a call.

Home Energy Audit Service

MTE+D offers free energy consultation to local residents in SW Montana.  We typically spend an hour touring your house, making recommendations and helping set priorities.  For more information, check the Home Energy Audits page.  


Snow on roofs

02/27/2018 18:29
Watching the snow melt patterns on roofs is a good way to identify heat loss issues. Icicles and ice dams are another tell-tale sign.  

Exterior Insulation

12/19/2016 19:37
We've done 2 exterior Insulation projects this year using 2 different approaches.  Both houses, one from the  1920's and the other built in the 1950's,  were framed with 2x4s and sheathed with 1x8s and needed new siding.  With that opportunity, we decided to add a thick layer of...


05/17/2016 07:20
I just had a guest blog published in Green Building Advisor, which is the top energy/building science/construction web site in the country. The article describes the work we've done on our old house to make it more energy efficient. You can read the article (and view the pretty pictures) at: ...

Winnipeg Solar Greenhouse tour

05/05/2016 18:33
I've been working on a commercial sized Chinese style Solar Greenhouse project for a couple of years.  I'm hoping to work with a market gardener in Montana to build at least one of these greenhouses to promote year round vegetable growing. Here's a description:Solar Greenhouse Proposal 10.pdf...

Free DIY Solar PV Workshop

12/23/2015 13:30
I'm installing a solar PV system on my roof this winter.  Across town, Linda Mahr is putting her system on a backyard trellis. As we work through these installations, we'd like to invite you to stop by, get a tour and ask any questions. If you'd like to be notified, please e-mail me at...

New Blower Door

12/23/2015 10:05
We recently purchased a Minneapolis blower door to use in energy audits. A blower door is used to test a home for air leakage.  It is the only way to effectively find and fix air leakage in houses. We use the blower door, an Infrared camera, and smoke machines as our primary tools. Now we have...

Hoitsma House - 1st winter's utility bills

05/23/2015 13:33
Todd and Amy Hoitsma's new house has gone through it's first winter.  I called Todd up to find out how well it performed.  They used 90 therms of natural gas (about $100) and their PV system produced an excess of 1400 kWhr ($170) of electricity. They are thrilled and so am I.  "Warm,...

Trainer at the MT Weatherization Center

10/23/2014 10:19
For the last 3-1/2 years, I've been working as an instructor/trainer at the Montana Weatherization Training Center while designing homes on the side.  The MT Wx Training Center trains weatherization crews from around the region  to air seal, insulate, and fix safety hazards in low income...
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