• Why build Sustainably?

  • For us, Sustainability means that we protect the earth.  We leave as much top soil as possible, we conserve on construction materials, we design durable, efficient and livable homes and we actively contribute to our community.  Given the twin threats of Global Climate Change and Peak Oil, energy efficiency has to be the primary focus in our work.  Bamboo flooring from Vietnam is not an adequate response to dying forests, drought and weather extremes.  Our response to these threats is to be engaged in solutions.  We try to be as technically, practically and socially prepared as possible.


    We think that building sustainably makes a lot of sense.  We'd love to talk to you about it, but until then, please look over these short summaries of our ideas.


    The most convincing argument that I've found for the need to control energy costs in buildings can be found at the website architecture2030.org/multimedia/videos.  Click on one of the clips showing the testimony of Ed Mazria.  Please take the time to watch a number of these explanations, then call to see how we approach this issue in our design work.