Energy and Sustainability Consulting

Our Approach: 

 We are enthusiastic with our goals but conservative with your money.  We think that energy efficiency and renewable energy systems are smart directions when planning a new project.  We bring many years of experience to your project.  We've seen a lot of different approaches over the years and don't get distracted by new or under-developed ideas.  We tend to stick with the basics, such as siting & massing, energy conservation measures and reliable equipment. 

We are rigorous in our approach.  We have developed a process that encorporates a strong knowledge of thermodynamics, weather patterns, building assemblies, construction costs and equipment performance.  We have followed the technical literature since the mid 1970's and use that knowledge for your benefit.


  • Consulting on building design to optimize energy performance.
  • Energy Audits of existing buildings.
  • Computerized energy analysis and construction costing.
  • Economic and energy analysis of PV and Solar Thermal energy systems.
  • Sustainable materials evaluation and selection.
  • Public sector project evaluations.
  • Public policy studies.