Current Work

  • We have been retained to provide a preliminary energy and economic analysis of a large PV system.
  • We have been retained to research and specify replacement windows and exterior siding on a house built in the 1980's in the Helena valley.  Fortunately, there is currently a lot of technical innovation in the window industry.  We identified 3 Canadien manufacturers and one supplier from the U.S. that produce windows that are 2-3 times as efficient as current practice.  Through a process of detailed review, we narrowed our search to 3 specific window models for final pricing and detail confirmation.   As part of the project, we are also recommending that 3 inches of foam insulation be installed on the exterior of the house.  Detailed construction drawings have been provided. 
  • Based on a NorthWestern Energy audit, we fine-tuned a program of insulation retrofits for a 1914 brick house.  Air leakage control, attic insulation, kneewall insulation, basement wall insulation and 4 new windows were detailed and specificed.  Because the owner was doing most of the work himself,  estimated material costs are $4,100.   Final cost after tax credits and utility rebates was about 1,100.
  • We just submitted a report called "2009 Montana Building Code Project" to the Montana Department of Labor and Industry.  Based on the energy and construction cost analysis in that report, a broad group of Montana organizations and individuals are recommending that 6 energy measures be added to Montana's Energy Code.  The Department and its "Building Codes Advisory Council" will vote on those measures later this spring.  For a copy of the report, click here:  Montana Building Codes Proposed Amendments 2009.pdf (573,3 kB)